Language Study in Japan

This program is a cultural exchange opportunity for people who want to learn the Japanese language and culture in our partner academic institution in Japan.

Our partner is an educational establishment located at the heart of Japan, Tokyo. They offer a wide array of learning opportunities for those who want or need to learn the language and culture of Japan in a fun, interactive way.

Japanese Languae & Culture Programs in Tokyo, Japan for:

high-quality international education

languages learning & sharing

cultural learning & immersion

youth travel

traveling, discovering Japan

Why Study in JAPAN?

High level of language and culture education

Economically and technologically advanced society 

Dynamic local Japanese culture and lifestyle

Stunning natural attractions and lively city life

Safe, secure, and organized standard of living

For Who?

For young adults, students, graduates, professionals, and travelers who aim to study Japanese for educational, professional, personal, or leisure purposes.

Student Accommodation

Homestay – provides a great learning opportunity for you to know the lifestyle and culture of Japan from a school-registered host family

Guesthouse – perfect for those who would like to live together with Japanese people as well as other nationalities

Available Courses

Intensive Japanese Course –for those who want to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the Examination of University Admission for International Students (EJU), as well as for people who want to enter graduate school, university, or vocational schools

Conversation Course – for those who want to learn and mainly develop their Japanese conversation skills

Hiragana and Katakana Course – for those who will study the Japanese language for the first time

Holiday Course – for those who want to learn the Japanese way of life and everyday conversations, and extra-curricular activities by staying with a host family

Japanese Cooking Course – for those who are interested to learn how to prepare Japanese cuisine such as sushi, soup stock, udon, and more

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