University Study in South Korea

Undergraduate and Graduated Study Program options in South Korea are now available! For current and future college students, as well as graduated ones seeking a specialization, an Education pathway is now available with our partner University, a prominent educational institution in South Korea.

Our partner international University in South Korea is located in Daejeon. It has a long history of outstanding work in education, teaching, and training.

The University provides a curriculum based on practice and theory. The University has been ranked as autonomous, which is the top tier for universities, according to the Korean Ministry of Education. The University has 20+ academic programs taught in English across 4 International schools. Programs are specialized for Business and the Hospitality & Tourism Industry.

University Study in South Korea for:

high-quality international education

international cultural exchange

mutual cultural understanding

youth travel

languages learning & sharing

traveling, discovering South Korea

For Who?

For young adults who are graduates of secondary education who wish to spend their University life abroad. A great opportunity to Travel, Discover, and Exchange your Culture with locals, students, professors, and employers.

Why Study in South Korea?

South Korea has some of the best universities in Asia.

The cost of living and education are affordable for a quality education.

A varied and thriving lifestyle – immerse yourself in the local culture.

Experience efficient travel by bus or train throughout the country.

Advanced infrastructure, high-speed internet, and latest technologies.

South Korea is secure and safe.

Ease of visa issuance.

Generous scholarships are available.

Employment opportunities for students who learn the language and culture.

Available Courses

Business Administration (BBA)

Global Management International Studies Technology Studies Culinary Arts (SICA)

Hospitality Management (SIHOM)

Global Railroad & Transport Management (SIRA)

Restaurant & Entrepreneurship (SIRES)

Media & Communications Arts (SIMA)

GEneral Qualifications

Mandatory English proficiency– a minimum of 5.5 IELTS or TOEFL IBT 61 (or equivalent)

Previous Academic record – High School Certificate / 12th Grade, minimum 60% (or equivalent). The final academic certificate must be Apostilled, depending on the country.

Proof of finances – a bank balance equivalent to a minimum of USD 18,000, which is to be in the account for at least six months.

Copy of passport – must be valid for at least 6 months.

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