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The Work & Travel Asia Program is a hands-on work experience in the hospitality industry. The Work & Travel Asia Program is for young professionals who desire to broaden their experience in a new cultural setting in Asia working as a trainee during the Winter/Summer school break period.

Work & Travel Asia

International cultural exchange

Mutual cultural understanding

Youth travel

Languages learning & sharing

Experiencing work in the hospitality industry

Traveling, discovering, and working in Asia

Internship_Asia-by night

For who?

For young adults who wish to gain work and travel experience during the school holiday months! A great opportunity to Travel, Discover, and Exchange your Culture with local employees, other participants, and international guests!

Why participating?

Work & Travel Asia is a short hospitality work introduction program. It is tailor-made for college and university students who do not currently pursue studies related to the hospitality industry.

Participants work as internship level employees. They are given the required basic training to be comfortable in the assigned position. There are no previous work, internship, or related study required. One must simply provide ‘proof of student status’ and be motivated!

Explore, Travel & Discover

Seasons and Duration

We recommend applicants to submit an application 4 to 6-month ahead of time. It is possible for application to be received and processed up to 1-year in advance. The deadline for applying is 2-month prior to last availability.


Programs taking place between December and April


Programs taking place between June and September


2-month, 3-month, and up to 4-month

Internship opportunities:

  • Front office
  • Guest services
  • Housekeeping
  • Bar
  • Events
  • Banqueting
  • Food & beverages service
  • Restaurant operations
  • Culinary arts
  • Recreation department

What’s included?

Accommodation option

Monthly allowance (stipend)

On-duty meals

Officer credit / service charge / tips

Local daily transportation

Group insurance / access to hotel health clinic

Work permit and/or visa

Eligibility Requirements

  • 18 years of age and above;
  • Enrolled undergraduate students (college/university);
  • College/University endorsement required;
  • Conversational English;
  • Clean criminal record;
  • Able to pass a drug test;
  • Provide study and/or work certifications (verified);
  • Able to live on his/her own, or with participant(s) from other countries;
  • Enthusiastic;
  • Financial capability to sustain his/her-self abroad;

“All applicants are interviewed by RMC, and must be accepted as seen fit and qualified for the program prior to being introduced to host organization for hire”

Amazing Thailand

Timeless Charm - Vietnam

Discover All That's Possible - UAE

Endless Discovery - Japan

Always Natural - Maldives


Self-Introduction Video

We strongly recommend applicant to provide us with a self-introduction video (approx. 1-2 min) to apply for one of our Trainee Program options to Asia.

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Submit an application by sending your resume & motivation statement.

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