Smart Cities in Southeast Asia


Smart Cities in Southeast Asia


During the ASEAN Summit last March 2018, Singapore’s Prime Minister proposed an ASEAN Smart Cities Network initiative (ASCN) – a proposal which was approved by all members of the bloc. The primary goal of the ASCN is to improve the lives of ASEAN citizens, using technology for smart and sustainable living.

Below are three cities of the Southeast Asia which are already in the process of becoming Smart Cities.

Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi has been working on its smart city planning since 2016. This city aspires to be a green, culturally-rich, civil and modern city with sustainable development to create a better life for its inhabitants by 2030. Hanoi’s Smart City Action Plan includes the establishment of a Smart Operations Centre which will contain a number of functional hubs, including a support centre for the city’s IT staff, a data analysis centre and a centre for traffic supervision, traffic control, and crime prevention. This city has now one of the fastest gross domestic product growth indexes in the world

Singapore, Singapore
No top smart cities list would be complete without Singapore on it. One factor which places Singapore ahead of its neighbors when it comes to smart city development is the government’s strong commitment on tech-friendly legislation and a massive investment in its smart city infrastructure. Today Singapore is the only city in Southeast Asia that is within the “smart city sandbox” category which means it is now focused on improving productivity and designing new types of citizen experiences rather than filling major gaps in public infrastructure or expanding services to the marginalized sectors of the population.

Jakarta, Indonesia
As part of its smart city development, Jakarta has launched Qlue, an AI-powered social media app which allows users to report problems directly to the local government and businesses. The app promotes civil participation and bottom-up engagement, encouraging citizens to complain about poor civil services, bring suggestions forward, or share data through different platforms. Another smart city project of Jakarta is the development of OK OTrip, an integrated transit cashless payment system which integrates all of the city’s transport payment systems into one cashless platform to improve urban mobility, enhance modal share, and reduce travel time.

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