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A bustling metropolis with a picture-perfect backdrop, Hong Kong is a multicultural city that serves as a meeting point for people of diverse backgrounds and world-scale businesses, offering diverse and inclusive opportunities for all!

What Hong Kong’s Tourism Looks Like

Hong Kong is a city where you can experience it all: from spellbinding natural beauty and exquisite cuisine to a vibrant nightlife, beautiful temples, and a paradise for shopaholics. Its plethora of wonderful attractions makes Hong Kong a major tourist destination favored by international travelers!

Relying on “quality tourism”, Hong Kong successfully recorded almost 13 million visitor arrivals in the first half of 2023, and this figure is expected to grow even higher in the second half of the year. As the city’s authorities have also unveiled the “Hello Hong Kong” campaign to attract more tourists, the demand for talent in Hong Kong’s tourism sector is reported to be increasing, opening doors to job opportunities.

Quick Facts: Hong Kong Edition

The city’s name, Hong Kong, means “fragrant harbour” in Chinese, while its official name is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, often abbreviated as Hong Kong SAR or HKSAR. Hong Kong is famous for its towering skyscrapers, with over 8,000 glittering skyscrapers that make Hong Kong’s skyline a marvel to behold!

Culture and People

Often referred to as a cultural melting pot, the city’s culture is a blend of traditional Southeastern Chinese, British, and Western cultures. Its population consists of various ethnic backgrounds — most are of Chinese origin, while others come from Thailand, the Philippines, the UK, and more — making the city a multicultural environment and one of the most densely populated places on Earth. In English, the people of Hong Kong often refer to themselves as “Hong Kongers”. They are known for being well-mannered and polite, displaying a strong sense of hospitality towards those in need.

FAQs about Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s status as an international financial hub generally makes it a safe city for foreigners. The level of violent crime is also low; however, pickpockets that target tourists are still common, so it’s important to take care of yourself and your belongings.

The cost of living in Hong Kong is relatively high; however, it compensates with the city’s well-paying salary rates! Still, it’s important to manage your finances properly by budgeting a reasonable amount for food, rent, transportation, and other necessities.

IMPORTANT: Our programs in Hong Kong encompass various benefits for participants, including but not limited to a monthly allowance (stipend), accommodation, transportation, on-duty meals, assistance with visas, and work permits.

English is one of the two official languages spoken in Hong Kong, alongside Cantonese (Chinese). The academic, government, business, and other sectors use English, and as an international finance hub, all road and government signs in Hong Kong are also bilingual

Must-see, Must-visit

Hong Kong’s reputation as a popular tourist destination is evident in the city’s picture-perfect backdrop and its wonderful attractions! Since you will be spending the days of your Cultural Exchange Program in this vibrant city, make sure to visit the must-see spots we have compiled for you:

Victoria Peak – Standing at a height of 552 meters, Victoria Peak is the highest point in Hong Kong, offering 360-degree views of the city’s skyline! The quickest way to reach Victoria Peak is by taking the Peak Tram, where you can enjoy the scenery during the ride. There are also other places to visit on Victoria Peak, such as Victoria Peak Garden.

The Big Buddha Also known as Tian Tan Buddha, this iconic attraction took 12 years to build. With a height of 34 meters, you must climb over 200 steps to reach the giant bronze statue. Here, you can also visit Po Lin Monastery, an important Buddhist sanctuary. You can also recharge your energy at the neighboring Ngong Ping Village!

Hong Kong Disneyland – This theme park spans seven themed lands, each offering a variety of fun-filled activities, from high-octane thrills in Tomorrowland to music-filled performances in Adventureland! Situated on Lantau Island, you can easily reach the park using Hong Kong’s MTR.

- What to expect upon arrival? -

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports for both passenger and cargo traffic, and it’s the airport where you will land in Hong Kong. When you arrive, make sure that you have all the required documents with you before proceeding through the arrival procedures and immigration customs. Once you have completed these steps, remember to exchange your money for Hong Kong dollars and acquire a local mobile provider to stay connected with RMC Asia, which will ensure that your Cultural Exchange Program in Hong Kong goes smoothly!

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