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Submit an application by sending your resume & motivation statement HERE.

Basic eligibility criteria include:
– 18 years of age and above;
– post secondary studies;
– conversational English;
– clean criminal record;
– able to pass a drug test;
– provide study and/or work certifications (verified);
– financial capability to sustain his/her-self abroad;

We recommend applicants to submit an application 4 to 6-month ahead of time. It is possible for application to be received and processed up to 1-year in advance. The deadline for applying is 2-month prior to last availability.

– accommodation option
– monthly allowance (stipend)
– on-duty meals
– officer credit / service charge / tips
– local daily transportation
– group insurance / access to hotel health clinic
– work permit and/or visa

– Host company and full program details vetting (i.e. site visit, accommodation verification, proposed benefits consideration, visa and work permit confirmation, and likes);

– Placement with a host company for a traineeship program prior to participant’s arrival at destination;

– Professional review and optimization of applicant’s resume; pre-screening interview, English assessment and eligibility review; 1-on-1 support through the application process, interview and on-boarding process; administrative assistance with personal documents preparation, visa application & submission;

– Pre-departure orientation; arrival and airport pick-up coordination; assistance with housing arrangement;

– Assistance with arranging health, travel, accident and/or liability insurance;

– Assistance with in-country consular services; assistance with in-country visa extension; assistance with visa-run travels to neighboring countries;

– In-program services while at destination (regular follow ups with participant and host company, support for challenges and emergency); emergency phone number for in-country services (Thailand & Indonesia local numbers);

Applicant may select 1, 2, up to 5 desired/potential destinations (countries). Applicant may select 1, 2, 3, up to 10 placement preferences options (positions/departments). All our placement options are for with high-end luxury properties.

Applicant may suggest a preference for working in a City Hotel or Beach resort. At this point in time, we do not accept demand for single property, or brand preference.

Our company provides placement services for within the Hospitality Industry. Our participants have been placed in all departments within a Hotel or Resort.

Refer to our Programs Page for more information about available opportunities:
• Work & Travel Asia
• Hospitality Internship Asia
• Management Training Asia

Our Programs are arranged for individuals, on a case-by-case basis. Each and every program options (position, job description, training activities) are designed for each participant based on your career objectives, study and/or work experience, and goals for participating.

While we will do our best to accommodate small group of friends making sure placement are arranged within the same city/region, one may not expect to be working at the same company as his/her friends.

Yes, it is possible for you to apply for a Work & Travel Asia experience;

There are no previous work, internship, or related study required to apply for a Work & Travel Asia experience. One must simply provide ‘proof of student status’ and be motivated!

Find out more about the Work & Travel Asia Program

Providing professional services for Work Travel Asia, Hospitality Internship Asia, and Management Training Asia Programs, there is a program fee associated with your participation. Please inquire with RMC as to get a program quotation matching your personalized program and placement options!

Work & Travel Asia

Hospitality & Business Internship

Management Training

Contractual Position

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Submit an application by sending your resume & motivation statement.
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