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Add an amazing experience to your resume. Gain important skills working with international teams, at one of our high-end host organization partners! Discover a new culture in one of Asia’s most popular destinations.

Exciting Opportunities

Our programs are arranged with renown international companies – luxury hotels & resorts, fine dining restaurants, businesses within the tourism sector!


Our team of professionals will guide you during the placement process, and assist you for the visa application. Your internship placement is guaranteed and arranged prior to your arrival at destination.

Included, but not limited to :
• Host company and full program details vetting;
• Placement prior to arrival at destination;
• 1-on-1 individual support through the application process;
• Pre-departure orientation;
• Support for health, travel, accident and/or liability insurance;
• In-country support and services;


Project Start
Application should be initiated 4 to 6-month before the desired program start;
An eligibility assessment interview will take place prior to accepting you for any of our program options;
Personal documents preparation, terms & conditions agreement acknowledgment, payment of the registration fees;
Our team of professionals introduce you to local managers at host organizations; hiring interview is scheduled;
Placement confirmation
Program offer and benefits details are shared in writing for your consideration;
Visa preparation
We will work with your university and your host company drafting invitation documents; with our support, you will prepare your visa application;
Participant applies for a PROTRIP-WORLD insurance coverage plan;
Arrival coordination
Cultural orientation and pre-arrival information session takes place; we coordinate with you and the host for a smooth arrival at destination;
In-country support
our team members remain in contact with you and your host organization for the entire duration of your stay;
Training activities
enjoy your Cultural Exchange Program experience arranged by RMC in Asia! Learn, Discover, Have Fun and, always be Positive!


It is important to understand what to expect from the program (i.e. language learning, financial gain, work experience, benefits and accommodation details, job description and responsibilities, destination, terms & conditions agreement for participating, visa and administrative details, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask us question, so we can make sure there won’t be any misunderstandings. Ask questions and make sure there be no misunderstanding, no surprises!

Our cultural exchange programs are temporary in nature, not for permanent employment;

The weekly working hours may vary according to seasonality and occupancy however, a full-time work schedule in Asia average 9-10 hours daily, 5 to 6 days weekly;


Get Hired

The Hospitality sector is one of the most coveted industries for job-seekers who want to live an adventurous, productive career. For any hospitality enthusiast to become more competitive for employment, one must consider acquiring special qualification.

​Those who take hospitality courses are considered first;
Employers prefer applicants who bring work experience and often prefer hiring those who have experience of working abroad;
Communication is the heart of the industry!
A good smile goes a long way when applying for a Job in the hospitality industry;
Prepare a professional resume, write a professional motivation statement, prepare a self-introduction video;

Hiring interview (video call)

It is important to prepare some questions – possible role, responsibilities, destination – as for you to truly understand the proposed traineeship program option;
Introduce yourself sophisticated & professionally;
It is your responsibility to seek as much information as possible about the proposed placement option during the interview! Use this opportunity to get as much information as you can as it also shows that you are truly interested;
Take notes during the interview and get back to us with any further questions;
Dress sophisticated, have your resume handy, use a portable computer or phone and stay put. Don’t forget to smile!

tips for a successful program

Always keep a positive attitude;

Treat the internship as you would any other job, with respect and professionalism;

Be open-minded and friendly to others;

Work towards real results that are useful to the company. Show up on time at work and meetings;

Follow the rules and regulation of the host Company, the agreed schedule & code of conduct;



A cultural exchange program provides opportunities to explore other cultures, understand different traditions, societies, languages and more. Participating will make you see the world with a different view. Such experience provides alternative perspectives! It broadens one’s horizon and increases the tendency of acceptance.
Unlike typical vacations or holidays, youth travel is motivated by several factors, including the desire to experience other cultures, build unique life experiences, and benefit from formal and informal learning and training opportunities from other countries, including education or work abroad.
A student who is part of a work-based Work Travel Asia ‘or’ Hospitality Internship Asia program, earning a student bursary in the form of a monthly stipend, at a host organization within the hospitality industry. Participate to gain work experience for academic purpose and/or personal/professional development.
A person undergoing training for a particular job or profession for career development purpose. Participant for a Management Trainee Asia program aiming at a career within the hospitality industry who wish to be trained for fast-track to managerial level employment.

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