What is happening in our program destinations? | October 2020 update from Asia and the Middle East

As we welcome the last quarter of 2020, and because we thrive on positivity, we bring you some ‘good news’ about each of our Program destinations –  the Maldives, Thailand, the UAE, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Qatar.

Although the Hospitality and Tourism sectors are two of the very affected industries from the current COVID-19 pandemic, we still never run out of positive news to share with the world. Here are some important updates and developments relevant to our Program destinations as of October 2020:



Based on bookings with seaplane operator Trans Maldivian Airways and a number of resorts, tourism in the Maldives is staging a gradual rebound since the island nation reopened in July.

Statistics from the Tourism Ministry has shown that an average of 628 tourists visit the Maldives daily after the nation reopened its borders to international tourists. 3,140 tourists arrived during the first five days of October, and the new arrivals average is now at 628; this is an 80 percent increase in arrivals compared to when the borders were newly reopened in July.



Thailand is in talks with China to establish a quarantine-free travel corridor by January to aid its tourism industry. According to the Thai Tourism Ministry, China, which accounted for more than a quarter of Thailand’s tourist arrivals before the pandemic, will be the first low-risk country Thailand will sign up for quarantine-free travel.

Meanwhile, tourism operators in Samui are planning to urge the government to help lower flight costs for tourists, while more hotels have been approved for alternative local state quarantine (ALSQ) status.



During a recent virtual G20 Tourism Ministers Meeting, the UAE affirmed its commitment to support international efforts to encourage tourism & improve safety of travel experience while adhering to global recommendations on the COVID-19 response. The G20 ministers discuss ways to capitalize on growth opportunities in the post pandemic phase and increase the sector’s contribution to comprehensive and sustainable development. The Group of Twenty (G20), the premier forum for international economic cooperation, brings together the world’s major advanced and emerging economies, comprising 19 countries and the European Union.



Vietnam launched a CNN International TV commercial titled “When you’re ready to travel again, why not Vietnam?”. This marks the country’s commencement of its tourism reopening strategy inviting travelers to consider Vietnam for their first holiday after COVID-19. According to Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the country’s strong safety record since the start of the pandemic and its ability to provide socially distanced holiday options are top reasons for tourists to consider Vietnam for their upcoming trips.



Indonesia has become the first signatory of the UNWTO Tourism Ethics Convention, the landmark created to ensure global tourism is fair, inclusive, more transparent, and works for everyone. This signals the country’s strong commitment to uphold the highest ethical principles as it expands its tourism sector. Indonesia is currently working with UNWTO to restart tourism in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. In September, the UNWTO conducted a virtual meeting with the Indonesian government to explore solutions for the safe reopening of Bali to international visitors. 



Malaysia is reportedly planning to reopen its tourism by the first quarter of 2021. Tourism director-general, Musa Yusof, said in a local TV program that they are keen on resuming cross-border leisure travel with neighboring countries Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Malaysia has won the Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award 2020 in the “Tourism for All” category through the virtual tourism for senior citizens initiative pioneered by Taylor’s University. The PATA Gold Award is a recognition for excellence, innovation, and standards in travel and tourism. Malaysia hopes that this can inspire the industry to move forward with more sustainable and responsible initiatives in line with COVID-19 recovery measures.



The Tourism Council of Qatar announced the launch of two new hotel and leisure destinations, opening in late 2020 and early 2021. The country is currently undergoing an extensive tourism development strategy, as it prepares ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM.

Moreover, Doha has been nominated in both leading business travel and sports tourism destination categories at the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA) 2020, a global initiative that recognizes excellence in all key sectors of travel, tourism, and hospitality industries.

We at RMC will continue monitoring the situation in the countries we arrange Hospitality Internships and Management Training Programs in. Together with the Hospitality and Travel sector, we remain optimistic about the gradual reopening of business and tourism activities towards 2021. For questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to send us an email or visit our website.


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