Significance of Training Abroad


Significance of Training Abroad


What makes internships and management training abroad more valuable than in your home country?

Aside from the fact that you get the opportunity of traveling to a new place, internships and training abroad could also lead you to learning and immersing into a new culture and gives you the chance to experience higher level of quality training.

The demand for training abroad has considerably increased for the past years as it opens doors not only for the future of your career but as well as to your personal and social development. Moreover, international work experience is also always highly regarded in any industry.

Employment statistics show that 97% of students who have internships and trainings abroad have found employment within 12 months after graduation with 90% having a job within 6 months. Moreover, 59% of employers have said that students who train abroad would have more significance in their career later on with the organization.


You can also take the opportunity of experiencing internships and training programs abroad through us. In RMC, we help you build your future career in the best way possible through our Educational Travel programs in Asia.  We assist students and recent graduates for their internships and training programs within the Hospitality industry of some of Asia’s best destinations.

Are you a Hospitality enthusiast looking for his kind of adventure? Connect with us to learn how!

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RMC is a Bangkok-based Agency specializing in providing services for international Hospitality Internships and Management Trainee Programs. Our company supports Host Organizations in Indonesia, Japan, the Maldives, Malaysia, Thailand, the UAE, South Korea, and Vietnam.

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