What is happening in our program destinations? November 2020 update from Asia and the Middle East

Among our nine (9) program destinations in Asia and the Middle East, Thailand, the Maldives, and the UAE were the first to re-open to international tourists amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to mitigate the impact of the pandemic better, these countries are now ahead compared to some neighboring nations in terms of economic and tourism recovery.

To give you more information about the current situation in these countries, here are some important updates and developments in Thailand, the Maldives, and the UAE;



Thailand COVID-19 update - pandemic news Asia & Middle East

Thailand relaxes visa restrictions for some foreign tourists: The Tourism Authority recently announced that Thailand had eased several entry restrictions for holidaymakers wishing to visit the country. Foreign visitors can now stay in Thailand under the Special Tourist Visa (STV) for up to 60 days and can extend up to 90 days. Read more HERE.

Quarantine for tourists from low-risk countries may be reduced to 10 days: A health service panel has agreed to cut the mandatory quarantine period for tourists arriving from countries classified as low risk for COVID-19. These countries include China, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.  Read more HERE.

Government: Phuket is 100% ready to welcome tourists: The Transport Ministry said that Thailand’s top foreign tourism destination, Phuket, is now ‘100% ready’ to accept international tourists arriving with the new Special Tourist Visa (STV). Read more HERE.



Maldives COVID-19 update - pandemic news Asia & Middle East

The Maldives to put up more islands for tourism development: The Ministry of Economic Development declared recently that the Maldives will market new islands for tourist resort development. In fact, the government had been planning to put 20 islands on the market before the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more HERE.

Latest COVID-19-related travel rules in the Maldives:  How can I get to the Maldives? Will I have to take a Covid-19 PCR test? Will I have to quarantine when I arrive? Can I travel between the islands or resorts? Are hotels open? What rules are in place? Read more HERE.

The Maldives received top Indian Ocean prizes from the World Travel Awards: World Travel Awards has unveiled its Indian Ocean 2020 winners and the Maldives maintained its reputation as the definitive secluded sanctuary to win several awards including  ‘Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination’, ‘Indian Ocean’s Leading Beach Destination’ and ‘Indian Ocean’s Leading Dive Destination’. Read more HERE.



UAE COVID-19 update - pandemic news Asia & Middle East

New leisure and entertainment district in Abu Dhabi opens to the public: On November 10th, a premier property has announced the opening of Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District, the latest hospitality, leisure, and entertainment destination in Abu Dhabi. This new destination is all set to offer a wide array of food and beverage outlets, facilities for sports activities, and other entertainment and leisure offerings. Read more HERE.

Dubai’s tourism industry gains momentum with reopening of top attractions: Several top attractions in Dubai have opened their doors again to provide diverse experiences to UAE residents and tourists. As key players in Dubai’s travel and hospitality sectors accelerate efforts to revitalize the tourism industry, the re-openings further enhance the city’s position as a year-round must-visit destination. Read more HERE.

Dubai Tourism goes global with a new marketing campaign: The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) has launched an international marketing campaign titled ‘Live Your Story’. The campaign will be introduced in 20 languages and is set to bring an influx of curious travelers to the emirate. Read more HERE.


We at RMC are continuously monitoring the situation in the countries we arrange Cultural Exchange Programs in – Thailand, the Maldives, the UAE, Qatar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea. We are positive about the gradual reopening of business activities and tourism sectors towards the end of the year and towards the start of 2021.

For questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to send us an email or visit our website.



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