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Destination - Asia

Asia – one of the top destinations in the world with a dynamic and strategic tourism sector! With a mostly tropical climate year-round, the region is gifted with some of the world’s stunning gems of beaches, oceans, jungles, mountains, waterfalls, and exotic flora and fauna. Asia is composed of 48 culturally diverse countries each with unique languages, beliefs, religions, cultural customs, cuisines, and countless festivals. In addition, Asian countries’ economies and hospitality industries are said to be among the best striving in recent years. But what is best about Asia is its people! Its inhabitants are one of the most hospitable and friendliest in the world. Discovering Asia will indeed be a life-changing memorable cultural exchange experience!

Educational Travel Asia


Work & Travel Asia

The Work & Travel Asia Program is a hands-on work experience in the hospitality industry. The Work & Travel Asia Program is for young professionals who desire to broaden their experience in a new cultural setting in Southeast Asia working as a trainee during the Winter/Summer school break period.

Hospitality Internship Asia

The Hospitality Internship Asia Program is for academic credits. A hands-on, work-based training program for students or recent graduates who need real work experience to enter the global workforce. A Hospitality Internship Asia (practical trainee program) will be for operational intern roles.


Management Training Asia

A Management-Level Training Program for recent graduates with prior internship or work experience. The work-based training aims to further one’s service skills in operations. It is also made to develop supervisory skills for one to become a future manager. A wide range of opportunities are available, offered based on your preferences and career objectives.

Program Opportunities

Live and work in asia

Our Educational Travel Asia Program options is our way of responding to the thriving, fast-developing, tourism sector in Asia. Opportunities available through one of our program options cater to the needs of young professionals and future hoteliers. Participating allows gaining international work experience, developing professional work-skills, and entering the global workforce. Our Cultural Exchange Program options are for work-based professional training experiences. That it be for a short Summer Work & Travel Program, for an academic credits earning Hospitality Internship, or for a career development Management Trainee Program, placement opportunities are available year-round.

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