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What is happening in our program destinations? November 2020 update from Asia and the Middle East

Among our program destinations, Thailand, the Maldives, and the UAE were the first to re-open to international tourists amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to mitigate the impact of the pandemic better, these countries are now ahead compared to some neighboring nations in terms of economic and tourism recovery. Hare some important updates and developments in these three countries as of November 2020.

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What is happening in our program destinations? | October 2020 update from Asia and the Middle East

Although the Hospitality and Tourism sectors are two of the very affected industries from the current COVID-19 pandemic, we still never run out of positive news to share with the world. Here are some important updates and developments relevant to our Program destinations – the Maldives, Thailand, the UAE, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Qatar – as of October 2020.

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Why Travel to Asia?

Asia Tourism reveals that the year 2018 grew 6% in international tourist arrivals in the region with respect to the preceding year in 2017. It has reached to 323 million tourists that resulted to Asia and the Pacific as the second most visited region after Europe!

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