Recharge Yourself with Wellness Hospitality and Tourism

Recharge Yourself with Wellness Hospitality and Tourism

Have you ever felt weary, unmotivated, and helpless to the point you are unable to engage in your usual activities? What you experienced might be signs of burnout – a state of complete mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. Its negative effects can jeopardize one’s health; hence, it’s important to deal with burnout right away. So, what can we do to solve it?

One popular method to overcome burnout is taking a vacation, as it is said to effectively ease stress from the body and mind. However, it wasn’t until the recent pandemic and the ongoing Mental Health Month movement that raised awareness about overall health, which prompted a change that vacations should not only include leisure aspects but also involve health activities.

This is where the hospitality and tourism industry takes the initiative by incorporating wellness into its services! Wellness hospitality and tourism allow people to travel and stay for leisure while improving their health through various wellness or health programs offered by hotels and resorts. As more people are embracing this trend, today’s digest will delve into the details of wellness hospitality and tourism, covering general information to lodging recommendations!

Understanding Wellness Hospitality and Tourism Trend

yoga movesYoga, a healthy activity of wellness hospitality and tourism.

The fundamentals of wellness hospitality and tourism go back as early as 5,000 years ago when people traveled to India to find Ayurvedic medicine, and now, this concept is rising in popularity – being referred to as “wellness hospitality and tourism”, which is defined by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) as traveling to maintain or enhance personal well-being.

In 2022, the market for wellness hospitality and tourism was valued at 838.78 billion and is forecasted to reach 1974.18 billion in 2031. These significant numbers emphasize how much of a trend it has become among travelers, hotels, and resorts alike – thus also spark interest among those who are not yet familiar with the trend.

So, why is wellness hospitality and tourism popular? For starters, people’s awareness of mind and body health has grown to a higher level, thanks to several factors such as the recent pandemic and various health movements. Added to the fact that traditional vacations can be tiring instead of enjoyable, wellness hospitality and tourism is introduced to promote health and leisure simultaneously, allowing travelers to de-stress, relax, and be thoroughly rejuvenated.

meditationA guest meditating at the beach.

In other words, wellness hospitality and tourism provides an opportunity to take a break from the busy lives that everyone seems to indulge in nowadays; to focus solely on ourselves and build healthy habits that are important for our well-being as a human.

Aside from its significance to people’s well-being, wellness hospitality and tourism also helps to preserve cultural health traditions worldwide and boost the local economies of areas where it takes place. As of the current, this trend has been incorporated into various hotels and resorts. But what do the implementations look like? Catch up on the next line for the details!

What Wellness Hospitality and Tourism Look Like

There is more to wellness hospitality and tourism implementations than meets the eye! Wondering what they look like? Find them below in our compilation of wellness activity examples in hotels and resorts!

1. Yoga and Pilates

yoga and pilatesYoga and pilates.

One of the latest trending exercises, yoga and pilates is a healthy and relaxing combination commonly offered in various hotels and resorts’ wellness programs. These wellness activities not only soothe the body and mind but also give a sense of adventure in trying these unique exercises!

2. Spa and Wine Tasting

spa and wine tastingSpa treatments combined with wine tasting will give a new wellness experience to guests.

The usual spa service might come off as basic to some people, so why not combine it with wine tasting? Lately, the spa and wine tasting combo is what numerous hotels and resorts include in their wellness packages. The activity allows guests to enjoy calming massages while sipping on a variety of wines!

3. Fitness

fitness for healthFitness.

This type of wellness activity is one of the most commonly found in hotels and resorts nowadays, as seen by the number of these establishments that provide gym facilities. Fitness in a wellness hospitality and tourism program usually includes fitness classes, workout plans, and healthy food options – perfect for guests who want to get in shape while vacationing!

4. Sustainability

hiking mountainHiking, a sustainable activity in wellness hospitality and tourism.

Sustainability practices become more common in hotels and resorts’ operations, which is why sustainability in wellness hospitality and tourism is also a thing. It is a way for guests to experience nature’s wonders, which have positive effects on mental and physical health. There are various sustainable wellness activities that guests can enjoy, from hiking and snorkeling to wildlife spotting!

5. Culinary

healthy food culinary menuHealthy culinary.

Who doesn’t love food? This basic need is a crucial aspect of one’s health and an integral part of human culture. In some hotels and resorts, culinary is included in their wellness programs. The aim is to promote local cuisines and show how they can be used to improve health through cooking classes, tastings, and even excursions to local markets!

Aside from those mentioned above, there are other wellness hospitality and tourism activities that vary in each hotel and resort. If you are wondering about the best places to experience unforgettable wellness programs, jump to the next section to see our recommendations!

Recommended Wellness Hotels and Resorts

After exploring some of the exciting wellness hospitality and tourism activities, are you ready to embark on your wellness getaway? If your answer is a definite yes, allow us to recommend a few of the best wellness hotels and resorts that might suit your taste!

1. Kamalaya in Thailand

Kamalaya koh Samui thailandKamalaya  in Thailand. (via Destination Deluxe)

Want to rejuvenate your mind and body while being surrounded by nature? Kamalaya is the place for you! Located at Koh Samui, Thailand, the resort offers a variety of wellness program types, including detox, optimal fitness, yoga, and resilience & immunity. Additionally, now they also provide a Pre-Arrival Function Testing Assessment for guests, offering them an overview of aspects of their health.

2. Joali Being in Maldives

Joali Being, MaldivesJoali Being in Maldives. (via CNN Travel)

The mind, microbiome, energy, and skin are the four pillars of well-being at Joali Being, which inspire them to provide an unforgettable wellness getaway through a mix of modern science and ancient healing arts. This island resort has a range of wellness activities for guests to enjoy, such as the Abhyanga full body massage, hydrotherapy, and relaxing while sipping over 60 types of organic tea at their tea lounge!

3. Soma Byron Bay in Australia

Byron Bay, New South Wales, AustraliaSoma Byron Bay in Australia. (via The Telegraph)

Soma Byron Bay is a family business founded by Gary Gorrow, a Vedic meditation expert with more than 15 years of experience, and his designer brother, George. A wide variety of wellness activities are available here, ranging from Himalayan breathwork and spa massages to yoga and sound baths! What’s more, the food is overseen by Gary’s mother, which follows the Ayurvedic ethos.

4. Anantara Eastern Mangroves in UAE

Anantara Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi, UAEAnantara Eastern Mangroves in UAE. (via CNN Travel)

This luxury hotel not only provides exclusive services but also offers high-quality wellness packages for guests. Situated at the edge of Abu Dhabi city, Anantara Eastern Mangroves utilize its natural surroundings to create a healing oasis that combines Eastern healing methods with Arabic influences. Their notable wellness treatments and activities include the Neom de-stress candle massage, Turkish Hammam, and various water sports to get involved with!

5. Stanglwirt Green Spa Resort in Austria

Stanglwirt Green Spa Resort AustriaStanglwirt Green Spa Resort in Austria. (via CNN Travel)

Golfing, horseback riding, and skiing, all in one place? You can experience them all at Stanglwirt Green Spa Resort in Austria! While indulging in the various sports activities, you can also immerse yourself in the resort’s wellness treatments and facilities, such as a 500-square-meter indoor fitness garden, an eco-sauna made from local arolla pine, and saltwater pools that will soothe your skin. An interesting fact: this resort self-produces food on its own organic farm!

Wrapping Up

Allow us to remind you just how important mental, physical, and emotional health are and keep them balanced! While there are many methods you can use to maintain their healthy states, wellness hospitality and tourism is one worth the value.

As a popular industry trend, wellness hospitality and tourism enables people to embrace both leisure and health simultaneously. There are various activities for wellness travelers to engage in, the most common are spa treatments, fitness, yoga, and more that vary from one hotel or resort to another, but all of them play a significant role in supporting one’s overall health.

Speaking of wellness hospitality and tourism, many hotels and resorts worldwide have already joined the trend to encourage the well-being of guests and employees as well! What’s more, a majority of them are partners with us at RMC Asia; together, we stand by the importance of wellness for everyone in the hospitality and tourism industry.

One of our commitments to the matter is to provide internship and management training programs in our host organization partners across Asia. These programs not only accommodate the wellness of participants but also offer professional development and cultural exchange experiences to be a valuable talent in the hospitality and tourism industry!

Ready to experience wellness hospitality and tourism while being a part of a renowned hotels and resorts team? Get started now by joining our successful participants here!

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