Vietnam: A Dream Destination for Work and Travel

Vietnam, a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, is emerging as a compelling destination for those seeking international work opportunities in the hospitality industry. 

Although best known for its nature – from its renowned beaches and expansive rice paddies to snow-capped mountains (yes, really!) – the Southeast Asian country offers far more than that. For ambitious young professionals, Vietnam’s vibrant energy creates a unique blend of career development and cultural immersion.

It also presents an exciting opportunity to contribute to Vietnam’s burgeoning hospitality and tourism industry, which has seen a post-COVID surge and rapidly regained its position as one of Asia’s top destinations.

A Landscape of Opportunity.

The Vietnamese hospitality ecosystem is far-reaching and versatile. From luxury resorts nestled in stunning coastal scenery to cozy boutique hotels tucked away in quaint historic towns, there are ample opportunities for visitors to explore – and for aspiring hospitality professionals to kickstart their careers and thrive.

Luxury Resorts. 

With destinations like Saigon, Ha Long Bay, and Da Nang drawing visitors from around the world, luxury resorts in Vietnam offer an excellent environment for hospitality professionals to hone their skills. Managing operations in these establishments provides a chance to cater to diverse guests while experiencing firsthand the intricacies of high-end hospitality management.

Boutique Hotels. 

In charming towns like Hoi An (Hội An) and historical cities such as Hue (Huế), boutique hotels offer a more intimate and personalized experience for guests. Working here allows hospitality professionals to immerse themselves in the local culture and create memorable experiences for visitors seeking authenticity and charm.

Sustainable Tourism. 

Vietnam is experiencing a growing interest in eco-friendly tourism, with initiatives to reduce environmental impact and support local communities. For the environmentally conscious, places like Sapa and Phu Quoc (Phú Quốc) offer opportunities to get involved in projects focused on responsible travel and cultural preservation.

Budget-Friendly Paradise.

Living in Vietnam is surprisingly affordable, making it an attractive option for young professionals looking to stretch their budgets while still enjoying a high quality of life. This means you can explore the country, sample the diverse and delicious local cuisine (favor a refreshing cà phê sữa đá or a crunchy bánh mì?), and fully immerse yourself in the Vietnamese way of life.

So, how much does it cost to live in Vietnam?


  • Housing. If you’re looking to rent a studio or shared apartment, expect to spend around $150 to $200 (USD) each month living in a smaller town, or up to $350 if you’re based in a larger city like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. However, if you’re heading to Vietnam for an internship or contractual position, don’t worry too much about accommodation – the host organization will often provide that!


  • Food & Leisure. Groceries may cost you up to $100 per month, depending on your lifestyle. Food is fairly affordable at local cafes and restaurants (you can grab a meal for as little as $2), and if you enjoy eating out for dinner, socializing with drinks, or going out with friends for movies and other activities, you could spend another $150-200 on entertainment.


  • Transportation. Depending on whether you plan to use public transport, taxis, or purchase (or rent) a motorbike, transportation costs will vary. You can get a monthly bus pass for about $8 (one-time tickets start at $0.25), buy a second-hand bicycle starting from $25, or rent a motorbike for $40/month (plus about $10 monthly for gas). Vietnam has one of the highest numbers of motorcycles in the world, and both locals and expats often take motorbike taxis (fares start at $0.50 and increase based on distance and demand).

Planning a trip to Vietnam? We’ve compiled some tips in our handy guide, Visiting Vietnam: A Brief Travel Guide

Choose Your Adventure.

Vietnam’s vivid culture and colorful landscapes cater to a variety of personalities, ensuring that each individual can find their ideal fit. Where would you like to head next? 


The capital city, Hanoi, is best known for its lively energy and rich cultural heritage that fuses historical landmarks and modern dynamism. Here, visitors can dive into the chaos of the Old Quarter, where narrow alleys are filled with street food vendors and colonial buildings influenced by the French, or explore the many ancient temples inspired by Chinese and Southeast Asian cultures.


Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh City (Hồ Chí Minh), commonly known as Saigon, is the largest (and busiest!) city in Vietnam. Brimming with life, Saigon presents a captivating contrast – ancient temples standing alongside sleek skyscrapers, quiet streets with colonial architecture, and a thriving nightlife scene. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon, an emblematic and beautiful 19th-century church built by the French, shop at the famous Bến Thành Market, and then unwind with rooftop drinks overlooking the city skyline.

Hoi An.

For those seeking a more intimate charm, Hoi An (Hội An) offers a timeless experience. Enchanting and historic, Hoi An is perfect for those seeking a more peaceful and walkable environment, where you can get lost in a maze of alleyways, visit cultural landmarks, and indulge in the city’s renowned cuisine. Step back in time and wander through the narrow streets lined with traditional wooden houses, lanterns, and centuries-old temples. 

Da Nang.

And for those yearning for sun and sand, Da Nang (Đà Nẵng) invites visitors with its beachside haven surrounded by mountains. Luxury resorts and breathtaking coastal views provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation, while the city itself offers a cosmopolitan twist. Relax on the pristine beaches of My Khe, explore the Marble Mountains, or take a day trip to the ancient town of Hue, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gain Experience and Explore. 

One of the best aspects of pursuing a work position or an internship abroad is the ability to balance professional growth with adventure and discovery in a new place. This is certainly a highlight of living in Vietnam, where there is no shortage of cultural landmarks, hidden gems, and landscapes.

Working in Vietnam’s hospitality industry also offers a dynamic learning environment where young professionals can refine their skills and expand their knowledge. Whether it’s mastering the art of customer service or developing expertise in hotel management, each day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Beyond the bustling cities and tourist hotspots, Vietnam is home to a wealth of places waiting to be discovered. Trek through Sapa’s rice terraces, discover the ancient ruins of My Son, or kayak through the crystal-clear waters of Ha Long Bay. Weekends can become an opportunity to delve into Vietnam’s rich selection of experiences for those willing to venture off the beaten path.

Ready to take the next step?

Are you looking to balance your internship or job with accessible and unforgettable travel experiences?
Vietnam offers the chance to embark on an exciting journey — not just for your resume, but for your personal and professional growth. 

Gain hands-on experience in your field, connect with industry insiders and international peers, and build a solid foundation for future career growth and development.

If you’re ready to step outside the ordinary and embrace the possibilities in the heart of Southeast Asia, browse our programs in Vietnam, and discover how you can propel your global hospitality career forward.


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