Hospitality in Asia towards 2020

The Asia-Pacific region (also known as APAC) ended another strong year with unceasing economic developments with the Hospitality sector as a top contributor. As we are set to welcome 2020 soon, we want to share exciting visions on what to expect in Asia this upcoming year, most especially in the Hospitality industry!

Why work & travel to Asia this year 2020?

As the world becomes more globalized, having an international experience is an asset. Working or having an internship abroad will not only help expand one’s connections but will also open opportunities for a more dynamic career path.

Welcoming year 2020 with a new career and internship opportunity overseas is a great way to celebrate the first months of the year. The first quarter of the year is expected to be the peak of hiring season. According to a survey from, 16% of employers indicated that one of the most preferred months to hire is March. The survey predicts that one of the best times to seek new opportunities is during the first months of the year.

Asia is one of the most coveted regions by expatriates and travelers because of emerging new businesses. HSBC’s 12th Annual Global survey for Expatriates used living, aspiring, and little expats as criteria to choose the best countries to live and work. The results showed that 13 countries coming from Asia are included in the top list – Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Mainland China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Japan.

Asia’s regional economic outlook

International Monetary Fund’s article states that the Asian region is projected to have an economic growth of 5.1 % for the upcoming year 2020.

Considered one of the largest continental economies in the world, Asia continuously rise in the global market. While the region is unitedly focused on trade, investment, and tourism, more business and clients are emerging resulting in higher demand for local and international employees.

Because of its fast-growing economy, a salary increase is expected to some of the countries in Asia. Based on research by Willis Towers Watson, the projected salary increase as a region is expected to be at 5.7% for the year 2020. A total of 9 markets responded with a plan to have a higher salary budget next year. The countries included are Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Hospitality in Asia towards 2020

Asia’s tourism industry continues to grow. Hospitality forecast says that a total of 397 million tourist arrivals are expected in 2020 and Asia will be part of the top 3 receiving regions in the world. As a result, numerous business expansions in the industry are expected to intensify next year to increase competitiveness and satisfy potential tourists.

In fact, some international luxury Hospitality brands are set to expand in Asia in 2020. Centara Hotels & Resorts will develop 3 more hotels in Laos and will be operating in three distinct brands; TUI Blue Nam Hoi An, to become the world’s largest leisure hotel brand, will début in Vietnam in March 2020; and Marriott International on the other hand signed an agreement with Asset World Corporation (AWC) to open 3 properties in Thailand between 2020 and 2024.

RMC towards 2020

international internship_asia_RMC

As the Hospitality industry grows, the demand for talented hoteliers constantly increases as well. RMC continuously provides a wide array of opportunities for young professionals seeking for quality, hands-on experience in the industry in an international setting. Thus, to satisfy this demand, we at RMC are already currently recruiting for participants for the first two quarters of 2020 program intakes.

We continuously build a solid pool of applicants by promoting our program options with luxury hotels and resorts in Thailand, Vietnam, the Maldives, Malaysia, and Indonesia to universities worldwide. Moreover, we are promoting more personalized internships through 3 different programs – Work & Travel Asia, Hospitality Internship Asia, and Management Training Asia – giving participants more options for program duration needs and program levels needs.

Loved what you just read? Then now is your chance to experience work & travel in one of the fastest-growing Hospitality sectors in the world! We at RMC may just have the perfect opportunity for you!

Be trained by local professionals in Food and Beverage Service, Front Office, Rooms Division,  Recreation, Revenue Management, Guest Relations, Digital Marketing and many more at luxury hotels and resorts in Thailand, Vietnam, the Maldives, Malaysia, and Indonesia!

 Visit our website at and follow us on our social media accounts to know more about our programs. We are active on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for day-to-day updates!

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