The hospitality industry: throughout 2019

Hospitality in Asia in 2019

2019 was a successful year for the hospitality industry in Asia. One manifestation for this is the number of tourist arrivals during the period. For instance, traffic figures for the month of October recently released by the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) showed that the international air passenger demand continued to grow at a good pace. This phenomenon demonstrated resilience in the face of the ongoing easing in global economy activity. The figures also showed that a total 30.7 million international passengers were carried by the region’s airlines in October, 3.1% more than the same month last year!

Meanwhile, according to Hospitality Trends, now is the best time for Hospitality related businesses in Asia to initiate localized content-marketing, in order to tap into the millions of outbound travelers especially from China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan as these Asian countries account for 20% of Global Travel Spending in 2019. Thus, the key focus is to be linguistically visible, in order to resonate with potential customers; not only Asians but equally importantly other international potential customers. Hospitality Trends suggested that this can be achieved by providing content that is colloquially written in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese languages.


Educational Travel by RMC in 2019

Similarly, RMC achieved a strong year in 2019 by continuously providing aspiring hoteliers with a wide-array of quality internship opportunities and Host Companies with talented hospitality interns and trainees from all over the world.

Continuous University visits

We have visited more than 50 universities in Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Italy, Switzerland, and Taiwan to conduct program presentations and promote our services to a broad, international audience.

Developing global reach – participating at WYSTC 2019

In October, RMC joined a global network of students, youth leaders, and educational travel industries for the annual World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC). The international conference held in Lisbon, Portugal was a great opportunity for us to build new connections.  RMC is a regular participant to the WYSTC every year, giving our programs and services continuous expansion opportunities to more countries.

Growing number of arrivals in Asia

Through RMC’s strong sourcing and recruitment efforts, we achieved a greater number of arrivals from more than 40 different countries between January and December 2019.  Spain, Mexico, England, Indonesia, and Vietnam were our top source countries.

Providing professional local services

This year, RMC’s team of diverse professionals are working from Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines for personalized local services and support to both applicants and Host Companies.


Towards 2020

As we are set to welcome 2020 with an even more positive vision for the hospitality industry in Asia, an increased number of students will aim to start an exciting career path by choosing to have an internship in the region.

To satisfy the increasing number of demands from international talents and hospitality businesses next year, RMC will continuously build a solid pool of applicants by promoting our program options to a global network of hospitality students and graduates from various countries. In fact, we are already actively recruiting for Interns and Management Trainees for the first two quarters of 2020. Moreover, part of our 2020 goals is to expand our connection to more countries to be able to recruit a more diverse set of talented aspiring hoteliers.

As we continue to respond to the increasing needs of hospitality students seeking for quality internship abroad and Host Companies looking for quality international trainees, we at RMC aim to build more long-term partnerships with trusted organizations in the industry.

We are always open for discussions with organizations which are interested to welcome young and talented international members to their team. Connect with us now so we could help you understand and achieve your goals for the upcoming year!

Contact us at or visit our website at for more information!

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